Direct trade was initiated by coffee roasters and specialty shops that decided to purchase their coffee directly from the farmers, thus eliminating the need for middle-men. It brings the point of consumption down to the origin point, and allows roasters more control over the quality of their coffee. Direct trade creates mutually beneficial relationships between roasters and farmers, and guarantees their consumers high quality coffee from the farm to their cup.


Woyton Roast Inc. is a specialty coffee shop and roaster located in Germany. They have partnered with several coffee farms around the globe to purchase coffee directly from the producers. Woyton partnered with Finca Dos Jefes in 2011 to purchase a portion of our green beans through direct trade. Through these purchasing practices they aim to improve their sustainability throughout their years in the business. We are proud to call them our business partners, and if you would like to learn more about Woyton, you can visit their webpage by clicking on their logo: